Facebook App dev vol.1 : Creating a Basic App

Note from : Building Facebook Applications with HTML and JavaScript Ch.2

—————- Web host:

– As of last October, Facebook requires that developer install or have an SSL certificate available on our server. This will allow you to create more secure connections between Facebook and your sites.

—————- Creating a container for your application

– Go to ” https://developers.facebook.com/apps ” and Click ” Create New App
– “App Name” -> “Source Foo”, “App Namespace” ->  “sourcefootrial” *Yours is different -> Continue
– Type in a security check code and click “Submit
–  At Basic page : Enter “App Domains“, choose “Category” and “sub-category”
– Select a type of integration : Click “Website with Facebook Login” and type in “Your domain”
– Also select “App on Facebook” and type in “Canvas URL”, “Secure Canvas URL (https//)”
– Click “Save Changes” and screen shows like this.. and you will have two numbers, “App ID”, which is just an ID for this particular application and “App Secret“, which you’ll need whenever you’re working with certain types of functions in JavaScript.

Facebook app development

Creating Facebook app canvas frame

In essence : I have created the page on Facebook and set up the canvas for the application. Now, I am ready for the second part of the equation, which is setting up my hosting and the page that I am going to use to feed into the canvas.


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