Facebook App dev vol.5 : Registering Users with the Javascript API

Note from : Building Facebook Applications with HTML and JavaScript Ch.3 – 4

Exploring Canvas app authorization and data output

– How to force a user to be registered in order to see the app

– Look at the response I get back from my server and see how I can output it to the browser

JavaScript SDK > Core Concepts > Authentification > Click the Authentification within a Canvas Page

– If a user comes to the page they will be required to log in to Facebook and my app. -> Redirect the page to the Authentification dialog if the user is not logged in. -> This will be the option “2a. Redirect to OAuth Dialog upon page load” on the page.

– Once the user is logged in, I am going to post the data into the console to peek at it.

//—– Calling the FB.api function ————————————-

FB.api(uid, function(info) {

//—– Calling the FB.api function ————————————-

Return All personal data in the console as an “object”

Once you have access to the social data, otherwise known as the social graph of the user, the possibilities of what you can do with data are endless. You need to understand a bit of how a JSON works.


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