Xcode 4.5 New Features [available on July 16, 2012]

[ Supported Configurations ]
Xcode 4.5 developer preview 3 requires OS X 10.8 developer preview 4 or OS X 10.7.4
It doesn’t run on earlier versions of OS X. Xcode supports development for iOS 6 beta 2, OS X 10.8, and OS X 10.7

 [ Installation ]
Xcode 4.5 is distributed as a single application bundle, Xcode45-DP3.app.

Open the downloaded DMG file and drag Xcode45-DP3.app to
your Applications folder.

Within Xcode, you can launch additional developer tools, such as Instruments and FileMerge, via the menu item Xcode > Open Developer Tool. You can then keep the tool in your Dock for access when Xcode is not running.

[ New Features ] 

Source Editing
– Xcode remembers recently used code completion items and gives them a higher priority in code completion popup.

– The source code editor automatically cleans up trailing whitespace at the end of a line. This applies only to edited lines, minimizing unwanted whitespace noise when committing changes. To adjust this behavior, select While Editing > Automatically trim trailing whitespace in the Text Editing preferences.

– Typeover completions automatically add closing parentheses, brackets, and quotes when you type an initial opening character. The closing character is added such that it allows you to type over it; this is helpful when you’re typing both the open and close character quickly. Use the Tab key to quickly jump over a type-over completion.

Xcode Workspaces and Schemes
– File, directory, and group icons in jump bars act as proxies to the item.

– When Xcode auto-creates schemes, it adds new schemes in the order of the projects in the workspace and then in target order within each project.

– New projects can be added to either a workspace or a project.

Interface Builder

– Storyboards support view controller containment. To install a view controller inside of another view controller’s view, add a container view from the library and connect an embed segue to the destination. At runtime, the scene will be installed prior to invoking the -viewDidLoad method on the source view controller.

– Modal segues can be presented without animation.

– Unwind segues can allow transitioning to existing instances of scenes in a storyboard.

– A new method in the UIViewController class, –shouldPerformSegueWithIdentifier:sender:, allows conditional triggering of segues.


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