Facebook App dev vol.7 : Open Graph data with the Graph API Explorer Tools

Note from : Building Facebook Applications with HTML and JavaScript Ch.4 – 2

Graph API Explorer
– Allows you to preview the data the API returns in JSON format

To find it

The Developer section > Tools > Graph API Explorer
You will see the basic user information that anyone can access about my account. For example.

id: “xxxxxxxx”,
name: “xxx xxxxxxxx”,
first_name: “xxx”,
last_name: “xxxxxxxx”,
username: “yamasnax”,
gender: “male”,
locale: “en_US”

Go back to the Developer section > Application *right top > Choose the application you want to associate this access_token with

Access Token holder : An encrypted piece of text that allows Facebook to make sure that this is a good request

Basically Graph API Explorer :

– You can make calls within your application to the Facebook Graph API with those different URLs and get the data that you need for whichever part of the application you are working on.

– You can get a GET or a POST or DELETE command, so you can send different types of commands to the Graph API.

Wrap-up :

When you want to sort of visualize what the JSON data looks like, you can either use your browser Console (easy to read). Or you want to see the raw data, you can use the API Explorer


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