[ Case Study ] Toronto-based startup “Shopcastr”

Shopcastr  http://shopcastr.com/


As of July 2012, A 14-month-old  Toronto-based startup that has singed up 625 local retailers to use its platform to get their products noticed.

The idea has been to focus entirely on small local retailers with bricks-and-mortar locations who were getting killed by large online sellers.

Maintaining websites was time-consuming for them and potential customers might not even realize the store existed. Shopcastr gives them “a store page and full control. This is not catalogue shopping”

Based on their success, Shopcastr is ready to launch into its next phase, announcing $1 million in financing this month to expand to other cities (first New York) and to open e-commerce for local retailers.

“Retailers are universally time-starved,” said Shopcastr co-founder Judy Sims. “With this, they can do it all from the palm of their hands. It’s

dead simple.”

Resource :

Toronto Star  article    Canada News Wire



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